Morbier cheese | Premium Quality | Entire cheese 7,5 kilo / 16.5 lbs

The Morbier is a special 45+ dessert cheese with a spicy taste. Due to the use of different milkings (morning and evening), separated by the layer of ash, the cheese has an intensely rich taste.

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Meet the Morbier. A special traditional dessert cheese from Franche-Comté. Characterized by a black layer of ash that gives the cheese a rich, slightly spicy taste. This semi-hard cheese is truly an enrichment to every cheese board and an original addition to every raclette. Matured for an average of 2 to 3 months.

Fat 45+ , unpasteurised cow's milk, rennet, salt, vegetable ash

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The hard structure of Morbier makes it perfectly suitable for sending by post.


The Morbier finds its origin in the French Jura. The original farmhouse cheese owes its name to the village of the same name in the Jura where it originated. In 2000, the Morbier was awarded the AOC quality mark. This means that the cheese can only be made from cows that are fed with hay, grass and herbs from the Jura.

The cheese fascinates by the layer of black ash that is visible in the middle. This layer was created in the past because the farmers saved up the curd. A layer of soot from the boiler was applied as protection. Nowadays, this black layer in the Morbier has been replaced by a vegetable ash. This gives the cheese from the mountains its unique, fruity taste.


What is the best way to combine the Morbier? Get your raclette out! This traditional dessert cheese from the Jura really comes into its own on the raclette. Thanks to its composition and taste, this cheese is excellent for use as raclette cheese. But this cheese should also not be missing on a cheese board. Your taste buds will be optimally spoiled in combination with a good glass of red wine.

  • Dimensione formaggio intero : 32 cm Ø x 7 cm H
  • Marca : Morbier
  • Forza aromatica : Dolce
  • Origine del paese : Francia
Maggiori informazioni
Dimensione formaggio intero 32 cm Ø x 7 cm H
Marca Morbier
Forza aromatica Dolce
Origine del paese Francia
Informazioni nutrizionali per 100 grammi
grasso (gr) 28
Grasso saturo (gr) 19,8
Calcio (mg) 815
Calorie (kcal) 350
Kilojoules (KJ) 1460
Carboidrati (gr) 1
Proteine (gr) 23
Sodio (mg) 120
Tipo di latte mucca
Senza glutine
Tipo di caglio caglio
Senza zucchero Sì No
Può contenere tracce di arachidi.
Crosta di formaggio commestibile No
Senza lattosio No
Pastorizzato No
Durata a magazzino limitata No
Fatto di latte di pascolo Il latte di pascolo è latte proveniente da fattorie in cui le mucche pascolano dalla primavera all’autunno, almeno 120 giorni all’anno, per un minimo di 6 ore al giorno.
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