Antwerps Pikantje | Entire cheese 2 kilo / 4.4 lbs

A soft structure, a spicy aftertaste and an attractive appearance: the Antwerp Pikantje has it all. This semi-hard cheese has been aged for at least 5 weeks. Thanks to the unique spice blend, Antwerp Pikantje is a delicious taste sensation. It is therefore a wonderful addition to any cocktail board.

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The Antwerp Pikantje has the basis of a Bruges Blomme. This is very soft in taste. This basis is rubbed during the production process with peppers, garlic and a secret spice blend, from which the Antwerp Pikantje is created. The Antwerp Pikantje is characterized by a soft, creamy structure. The layer of spicy herbs provides a great aftertaste that makes you long for more. This beautiful structure and aftertaste, in combination with the attractive appearance, makes the Antwerp Pikantje an excellent choice for a cocktail board.

Fat 48+ , pasteurised cow's milk, rennet, salt, lactic acid, eg, spicy herbmix, garlic, tomato, paprika, onion, chillies, jalapeno, peper, cumin, persil, origan

Your cheese is freshly cut and vacuum-packaged!
The hard structure of Antwerp Pikantje makes it perfectly suitable for sending by post.


The Antwerp Pikantje is a spicy semi-hard cheese with a spicy, edible crust. This cheese creation stems from the rich Antwerp history. During the Golden Age, Antwerp was not only a successful trade center but also the center of the herbal trade. This was in the hands of the Portuguese at the time. The king of Portugal decided to make Antwerp the distribution center for the trade in herbs and spices. As a result, the Antwerp Pikantje was created, thanks to a combination of Portuguese and Belgian trade.


You can present and serve this cheese in countless ways. For example, you can easily combine it with ham. And it should also be accompanied by a nice glass of wine or beer. Thanks to the spicy aftertaste and the soft structure, a special beer such as a Trappist beer or a fruity wine fits perfectly with the Antwerp Pikantje.

  • Dimensione formaggio intero : 21 cm Ø x 6 cm H
  • Marca : Brugge Blomme
  • Forza aromatica : Dolce
  • Origine del paese : Belgio
Maggiori informazioni
Dimensione formaggio intero 21 cm Ø x 6 cm H
Marca Brugge Blomme
Forza aromatica Dolce
Origine del paese Belgio
Informazioni nutrizionali per 100 grammi
grasso (gr) 24
Grasso saturo (gr) 17,5
Calcio (mg) 760
Calorie (kcal) 300
Kilojoules (KJ) 1245
Proteine (gr) 21
Sodio (mg) 735
Tipo di latte mucca
Senza glutine
Tipo di caglio caglio
Senza zucchero Sì No
Può contenere tracce di arachidi.
Crosta di formaggio commestibile
Senza lattosio No
Pastorizzato Yes
Durata a magazzino limitata No
Fatto di latte di pascolo Il latte di pascolo è latte proveniente da fattorie in cui le mucche pascolano dalla primavera all’autunno, almeno 120 giorni all’anno, per un minimo di 6 ore al giorno.
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