Coulommiers | 340 grams

The Coulommiers is the forerunner of all brie cheeses and the longest existing white cheese. The cheese is also called Brie de Coulommier, because of the equal production process.


The Coulommiers is the predecessor of all brie cheeses and is therefore nicknamed Brie de Coulommier. The recipe is very similar to that of the brie. The difference is the size, since the Coulommier has a smaller diameter. The Coulommier is less known to the general public, while the cheese has been made for some time. The cheese is named after the town of the same name where the cheese was already traded in the Middle Ages. The Coulommier is characterized by beautiful taste notes of freshly roasted nuts.

Fat 21+, raw cow's milk, salt, white mold culture.

Valori nutrizionali - allergeni
Durata a magazzino limitata Durata a magazzino limitata
Dimensione formaggio intero N/D
Marca Coulommiers
Forza aromatica Dolce
Origine del paese Francia
Informazioni nutrizionali per 100 grammi
Grassi (gr) 21
Grasso saturo (gr) 17,86
Calcio (mg) N/D
Calorie (kcal) 336
Kilojoule (KJ) 1175
Carboidrati (gr) 0,64
Proteine (gr) 23
Sodio (mg) 16
Tipo di latte mucca
Pastorizzato No
Senza lattosio No
Senza glutine No
Tipo di caglio caglio
Senza zucchero No
Può contenere tracce di arachidi No
Crosta di formaggio commestibile
Ricetta N/D
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