Very old cheese

Are you fond of very old cheese? At the website we have plenty of Dutch cheeses. Old is just one of the many tastes in our assortment. All our products have extra quality, are deliciously spicy with a creamy flavour. We understand that it’s inconvenient to buy cheesepieces online. You can’t taste them or touch them, but with the description at every product we hope to inform our customers as good as possible. Check carefully what kind of very old cheese suits your taste and make your order.

The quality of very old cheese

In the assortment you find a variety of very old cheese from the following Dutch brands:

Old Amsterdam Käse | Premium Qualität

The old kind from Gouda has a great quality and has tasteful salt crystals. The one from old Peter has a spicy and creamy flavour. If you’re looking for a kind with a full flavour and without any salty properties, the old Amsterdam version is perfect for you. In case you have no idea what brand to choose or you just need a variety of brands, the packages are perfect for you. For example the Old Cheeses Selections and the Gouda Cheese Selection. This is ideal to explore more kinds next to the regular very old cheese you usually eat. Überjähriger Käse - Gouda | Premium Qualität

Combine with appropriate tools

Usually old cheeses are very difficult to slice. Therefore good steel slicers are necessary and you can buy them at this website as well. With the designer knives you can slice the best pieces. The better it’s cut, the more delicious the taste you’ll experience. No matter how big the cheesepart is you order, it will be send vacuum packed to your address. So order this Dutch traditional food product with a sharp slicer to enjoy it even better.